B2BIG: BigCommerce’s B2B Big Launch

May 15, 2023
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As proud BigCommerce partners, we're thrilled to announce their recent game-changing B2B Big Launch. This release includes three new critical features designed to help large B2B brands do better, bigger, and more.

Multi-Storefront compatibility

The first feature is Multi-Storefront compatibility. With this feature, you can deploy B2B edition onto multiple storefronts run from one BigCommerce backend. This is perfect for businesses with multiple brands or regions, and for those running both B2B and B2C storefronts from the same backend. With Multistorefront GA, you can create unique user experiences for each storefront while still managing everything from one central location.

Headless beta for B2B edition

The second feature is Headless beta for B2B edition. It allows you to deploy B2B Edition onto any headless framework. This gives you total control over your front-end technology while still taking advantage of the powerful features of the BigCommerce platform. With Headless beta, you can create custom front-end experiences that are tailored to your business needs and brand identity. A real game-changer for B2B brands. Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless (MACH) architecture and composable elements, everything to create and build agile and scalable storefronts.

New B2B buyer portal

The third and final feature is the new B2B buyer portal. Buyers expect a fast and frictionless buying experience; the B2B Edition buyer portal helps BigCommerce merchants meet and exceed these expectations. The buyer portal was entirely reimagined for a lightning-fast and super simple experience. When your clients who have implemented B2B Edition click on their account page, they'll be greeted with a sleek new design and intuitive navigation that makes it easier than ever to manage their account. The new buyer portal includes features like quick order forms, saved carts, and easy reordering to streamline the purchasing process and improve customer satisfaction.

 What else is new? Now, some history. 

BigCommerce's B2B offering has undergone significant evolution since its initial release in 2017. The platform has made several major updates and improvements to its B2B offering, culminating in the release of B2B Edition in 2021. This new version of the platform included a range of advanced features designed specifically for B2B merchants, such as a new buyer portal with quick order forms, saved carts, and easy reordering.

In November 2021, BigCommerce acquired B2B Ninja, a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) product used by hundreds of merchants on the platform. This acquisition further expanded BigCommerce's capabilities in the B2B space. And in April 2022, BigCommerce acquired Bundle B2B and integrated its technologies into the core of the platform. This acquisition allowed BigCommerce to offer even more advanced B2B features. The platform also introduced new integrations with popular B2B tools that make it easier for businesses to manage operations across multiple platforms and streamline their processes.

BigCommerce is committed to continually improving its B2B offering and providing businesses the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive e-commerce landscape. With the latest B2B Big Launch, the platform is now more powerful and flexible than ever before. 

 Consistent with a new vision

We’ve been BigCommerce partners since 2011. We've seen the platform evolve over the years to meet the changing needs of B2B merchants. Open source technology was a game-changer for B2B e-commerce when it was first introduced. It brought traditional offline processes online for the first time, which was a significant step forward for B2B e-commerce. Today, we are experiencing another major shift in B2B e-commerce, but this time it's different. We are moving away from open source on-premises solutions and custom solutions towards open SaaS.

This approach offers all the benefits of software as a service, including automatic upgrades and security features, and allows merchants to use their preferred technologies where they choose. This is BigCommerce's vision for B2B e-commerce: that B2B e-commerce is about more than just transacting. In fact, that it’s transcending transactions. It brings offline processes online to a single place where buyers can manage all their processes and interactions. This is the future of B2B e-commerce, and we're thrilled to be a part of it.

If you want to learn more about BigCommerce's B2B offering or would like us to help you take advantage of these features, reach out and book a demo.

You can find details of the release here.

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