Where are you based?

Since 2006, we have been serving US & UK clients from Spain — the most enjoyable country on earth if you like food, history, and good vibes. Our team is fully remote, working from four countries in three continents, on a 4-day workweek schedule.

What does the four-day workweek mean to me?

All good things. We started working remotely in 2013, way before it was cool, and since 2021 we've been operating under a 4-day week model. It's been a successful adoption for our team, our company and our clients both in quantitative and objective measures, as well as in qualitative and perceived factors. 

For you, this only means our team is big on organization, scheduling, resource management and priorization. We take three days to recharge so we can be focused, fast, and efficient the other four. We set our deadlines in advance to avoid last-minute craziness and unnecessary challenges. 

Working Monday to Thursday does not mean you'll be on your own the rest of the week. You'll have ways to reach out if you face a major issue or need support, but we minimize the chance of these scenarios through meticulous, responsible planning. 

Who will I be working with?

As soon as we all agree we're a good match, you'll be introduced to your Account Manager. A proficient English speaker and single point of contact in charge of understanding your needs, priorities and goals, conveying those to the team, and making sure we deliver according to expectations.

What does your process look like?

We know what we're doing because we've done it a lot. We've been in business for almost twenty years. We have specific, tailored processes for each of our solutions and we provide documentation and onboarding for any new customer. A few more things you might want to know beforehand:

  • We schedule our projects at least three weeks in advance. This helps us run a tight ship and calendar. 
  • Payment terms vary on each solution. In every case we request an upfront payment.
  • Our Growth-based retainer services are charged hourly. We handle everything with full transparency and you'll have access to thorough reports for every resource, task and time invested in your project.

What's your go-to Ecommerce platform?

We've been BigCommerce Partners since 2012, and we're one of the most enduring partners in the industry. We love the platform and its people and we feel comfortable recommending it to customers. That being said, we're a versatile ecommerce agency and we've worked on many platforms before including Shopify, Adobe Commerce, Prestashop, Netsuite and many others.

We're big on Composable Commerce architectures and we favor projects where we can work downstream, helping your company leadership to choose the right tool for the job. If you want to see more about how we study and recommend solutions, check out our Ecommerce Audit service.

Do you work B2C Websites?

Though our specialty and focus is on B2B, modern commerce has blurred the lines completely. B2B brands are going hybrid (B2B+B2C, +DTC, and any acronyms in between). If you like our portfolio and want to discuss a project, simply reach out. We can figure out business models definitions later.

Do you work with long-term contracts?

Yes, and no.

Yes, because most of our clients ultimately stick with us for the long run. Our particular way of serving and partnering with clients puts real value into often overused attributes like commitment, loyalty, or creativity. We're true problem solvers and have an impeccable track record of positive impact for our clients' organizations, both in terms of results and peace of mind.

But no, we do not tie you to lenghty, complicated or hostage contracts. Our small print is not so small, and if at some point you decide to end our relationship you'll be free to do so with a minimum heads up. Our services are designed with this in mind, too. That's why we help your team train, document and understand our solutions, so you never fall into a liability situation where you depend on us, like it or not. It's our Client Freedom Policy and we take it very seriously.

Are we made for each other? I'm not sure.

That's okay. The easiest way to know if we're a match is to sit down and have a candid conversation. Let us understand your goals, narrative, expectations, and suggest the best course of action. You can schedule a Free Discovery Call here.

In the meantime, explore who we are. We try to be very open about how and what we think, how and who we work for, and what makes us different. We suggest starting with our About You section, and seeing if what you read there resonates.

What's your take on Generative AI?

Oh, we're so glad you asked. We're very particular about how and where we use artificial intelligence in our projects.

It's a wonderful, almost magical tool, but no replacement — at least for now — for human intuition, experience, and their offspring, insight. Like everyone else, we're still trying to find our bearings around this revolution, and we're trying AI tools for code and content proofing, image generation, large-scale product automation, and others. But under no circumstances will we resell fake thoughts made at the push of a button.

We recommend you take five to read our Generative AI Policy at our parent company website.

What is One Totem?

You'll see the One Totem brand and logo in every invoice, contract or formality. It's our parent company name and the team behind our brands, including:

  • TakeFortyTwoB2B Ecommerce Specialized Agency
  • DuckDuckChimpMailchimp Expert Agency
  • And 4dias, the website where we share our pioneering experience around the four day workweek and democratic horizontal management.

I don't need your services yet. How can we stay in touch?

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