One size fits small:

Go B2BIG with BigCommerce B2B  edition

An eCommerce solution to suit the needs of B2B and Hybrid companies, because more needs more. More flexibility than other SaaS platforms. More speed and ease of use than legacy solutions. More power for your sales reps and marketers. More pricing and quoting options. More satisfaction for your customers.

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BigCommerce Enterprise + Bundle B2B =

B2B Edition

BigCommerce B2B edition is an agile B2B solution that combines the B2C shopping experience with B2B functionalities in one single platform and offers merchants the flexibility they need to keep up with their customers’ expectations.


A bigger, better, faster way to sell B2B that gives you all the power, and none of the trouble.

Yes, big deal

  • Headless: The advantage of MACH architecture and composability to build agile storefronts that can be scaled as your business grows.
  • Multistorefront: Multiple storefronts run from one BigCommerce backend. Great for multibrand, multiregion and Hybrid. One backend, multiple user experiences.
  •  B2B Buyer Portal: lightning fast to use, lightning fast to deploy, mobile, reactive, and responsive.