Bigcommerce migrations

Modern, painless & flexible ecommerce

Swap your old, costly or poorly maintained platform for a set of modern tools that will empower your marketing team, remove IT overhead costs, and improve your customer experience end to end.

Changing platforms is a scary thing. Project delays, team resistance, and technical uncertainty are part of the shared, negative experiences of any company we interview. Chances are you have one or two nightmarish projects under your belt.

And yet, we all know technology becomes obsolete and new tools transform the way we work, organize, and make profit. Sometimes we must shake things up if we want a website that works for us, and not the other way round. 

RevAmp is our approach to this problem. An accurate, fast-paced project model based on BigCommerce's power, flexibility and adaptability. 

Combined with our seasoned agency service, BigCommerce's development workflow paves the way for a brilliant, performant project delivered on schedule and on budget, reducing time to market and immediately providing objectively better results for you, your team and your clients.

How it works

We're thorough because complex planning makes work simple. Here's how we (make it) work:

Phase I

Strategy & Discovery:
Investing time first, to save time later.

This is the most time-consuming task for your team as well. We'll have many questions and we'll turn every stone looking to know what we don't know. At the end of the process you'll receive a thorough report covering:

  • Our understanding your brand: Purpose, competitive landscape, promise, products and services, and strategic advantage.
  • Mapping of your whole technical stack.
  • Code, SEO, Marketing and UX audits.
  • Customer Journey Definition.
  • Buyer Persona.
  • Advice on theme structure alternatives (Headless vs. Standard).
  • Minimum Viable Website discussion, definition and client approval.
  • RevAmp Step by Step Replatform Plan.

Phase II

Remove blockers before we start.

The goal of this phase is to tackle, as early as possible, anything that may pose a problem or negatively impact our schedule. This is the stage in which we handle data migration, custom API development and platform adoption. It includes:

  • Preparing the migration of users, orders, invoices and past history.
  • Connecting BigCommerce to your chosen ERP, CRM and/or Accounting Platform.
  • Rearchitecturing or migrating your email marketing data and platform.
  • Defining and preparing as clearly as possible any unique feature or need of your business and industry.

Not every project requires this approach. We can skip it for simpler replatform projects focused on eCommerce alone.

Phase III

Minimum Viable Website:
Covering 80% of the project in 90 days.

Most projects fail at the priority level. If everything is important, nothing is important. Once we understand every step, we can prioritize what's essential so we can move you into BigCommerce swiftly, and the website can start to pay itself off. This means:

  • The task list has to fit a 90-day cycle. This forces us to prioritize smartly.
  • We'll favor LiveStory designs instead of custom developed pages, increasing time to market 5x to 10x.
  • We'll work only on the key areas that guarantee the preservation of your buyer cycle.
  • We'll favor content, structure, and key features over bells and whistles, so we can avoid SEO disruptions, downtime or unexpected bugs.
  • Finally, we can choose whether to beta-test the MVP with real users, or go for an actual site launch.

Phase IV

Delivery & Deployment:
Time for hugs, champagne and new ideas.

With the MVP and the core structure ready to go anytime you want, we can now focus on refining the design, crafting the additional features, and making sure everything works just like you envisioned. This stage covers:

  • Development, testing and deployment of any additional, non-prioritary features.
  • Advanced caching, refining code and other performance-oriented work to make your website as fast as possible.
  • Catching and solving any remaining bugs or imperfections.
  • Hand-off of any remaining accesses, permissions or platform credentials.
  • Hand-off of backup files and deliverables.
  • Hand-off of version control ownership.
  • Throwing a party. Hugging random people on the street is optional.  

Phase V

Training, Warranty & Hand-off:
Giving you certainty and independence.

We'll monitor bugs and performance closely, and fix any issues you might report as part of our 45-day post-launch warranty period. In the meantime we'll give your team the tools they need to keep growing and improving the website. 

  • Team training on every new platform.
  • Support ticket portal with top priority.
  • Transparent development and problem resolution.
  • Webinars and video calls to answer questions and monitor updates.
  • Final documentation and project closure.

Phase VI

Next Stop:
Anything is possible.

Your shiny new website should be making money and getting praise from clients, partners and colleagues. Well done!

If you want to keep evolving on a regular basis, check what we have for you on our Agency-Subscription plan, Fuego.

It's much easier if we show you.
Reach out to see a demo and meet our case studies.

Key Features

Here's some of the stuff you'll be able to do on your new BigCommerce platform:


Integrated B2B features

Multiple pricing levels and automated pricing segmentation. Multiple user roles. Wholesale customer portal. Native integration with ShipperHQ. Easy reordering. Quote management and bulk pricing. Advanced faceted search. Purchase orders and credit authorization. Everything you need to boost sales and enhance your customer's experience.


Future-proof stores

Never replatform again. BigCommerce's vast ecosystem of headless integrations allows you to have as many storefronts as you wish, with any software, technology or CMS you want, and enjoy the uptime, security and easy backend experience provided by BigCommerce.


True Omnichannel

Unleash the power of Feedonomics, boosting discoverability, positioning and revenue by syndicating your products with easy to use, fully optimized feeds. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Mercado Libre, Wish. Get ready to be omnipresent!


Local first

Deliver experiences truly tailored to your customers in their own language, currency, style, catalog and more. Multi-Storefront technology allows you to deliver a branded and highly localized shopping experience.


Endlessly improvable

BigCommerce's uniquely open technological structure has created a vast, rich and smart ecosystem of partners creating new, innovative solutions you can plug and play with minimal development investment or learning curves.


No-Code design freedom

We're very thorough at planning the scope and effort, always looking to avoid delays, blockers and additional expenses. We'll provide a detailed document with each task, estimation and priority on our timeline.


Smarter marketing

GetResponse's first-party integration will help you knock it out of the park. A perfect customer and catalog database sync powering up personalized AI product recommendations, advanced segmentation, Email and SMS automation, and much more.


Fanatic Enterprise-level support

We've been partners with BigCommerce since 2012. Our direct link and familiarity with both the support and the partnerships team allows us to quickly scale issues and find solutions to your questions and requests.

The last replatform you'll ever need.
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Who is it for


  • Growing eCommerce brands
  • B2B Companies
  • Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Any eCommerce outgrowing obsolete, problematic  or expensive platforms
  • Companies looking to expand to international audiences

Moving from

  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Drupal
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Netsuite SuiteCommerce
  • Custom platforms

Free your eCommerce  & RevAmp your business the right way.

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