That's next!

or Building a beautiful corporate website that reflects the personality of this House of Brands.



The MAC Group supplies passionate photographers, filmmakers, content creators, educators and students with the world’s finest image-making tools,  education and inspiration.


Our wishlist for any project includes:

A client we enjoy working with. Check. 
Bringing their own fantastic design team that makes us look good. Check.
With freedom to suggest and choose the best platforms. Check.
Nice, technically challenging requests. Check.
And with great products, brands and people. Check.

Great outcomes are never an isolated agency merit. They're the byproduct of two teams, client and agency proffesionals, working towards a clear goal. This is one of those stories.


Simplicity for the win

We knew that MAC's design team would deliver the core visuals for key pages as Zmags dynamic, no-code design embeds. We needed a platform we could model so it could fit these bits of external code easily, but that could also stand on its own for every other content and integration need.

The chosen platform was CraftCMS, our usual suspect. We architectured a website that's simple to use, requires little maintenance and time, developed really fast, and is flexible enough to accommodate pretty much any future need — both content and integration-wise.

Easy product updates

Our custom integration allows a one-click update of selected products for MAC's "Latest Products" section. We make it easy to bring together the hottest new products from twenty brands across a massive multi-site BigCommerce setup.

Global B2B

In addition to the US website, we created a customized Brand Portal for the European branch of the company at It allows dealers, distributors and partners to access the latest, exclusive information for all the key brands.  

What's next?

We're eager to see this website evolve, as the growing family of brands on the MAC Group keeps pushing creative and technical boundaries. 


A house of many brands

This was a special project. After years working with the MAC Group, mainly on BigCommerce Replatform projects, being able to combine all brands into a single, ad-hoc CraftCMS setup was a fun experiment. 

The result is a lovely website, true to the brand, completed and launched in less than 90 days.


  • Website development
  • CraftCMS development
  • Content and data integration
  • Product feed integration
  • B2B brand portal development

Tools & Platforms

  • CraftCMS
  • BigCommerce
  • Zmags
  • Elfsight