Flexibility as a service

or How we moved a renowned global brand, from a nightmare platform into a future-proof setup.



Sekonic is a world-leading brand making light meters, color meters and illuminometers to help photographers and cinematographers measure and control light for the perfect exposure.


Sekonic approached our agency looking for a major move from a clunky, expensive and hard to maintain platform into a more modern setup. Our team pulled an outstanding major move to BigCommerce, pushing the platform's capabilities to the edge in order to preserve information while maximizing the shopping experience.


Global, integrated and custom-made.

We developed two websites for Sekonic; one for the US market, and another for their global audience. BigCommerce's flexibility gave us the right tools to focus on the end customer for the former, and on brand awareness and distributor information for the latter.

Through a creative use of imported CSV files and customized scripts and layouts, we gave Sekonic simple ways to update complex data sets. International distributor information, service, repairs or returns are easy to browse per country, and most importantly, easy to maintain for content managers.

Data-first but design-driven.

Our client's design team gave us a full style guide and a core design for key pages. Our job was to bring it to life, and extend it to additional customizations including:

  • Ad-hoc product comparison tool.
  • Custom, enriched product layout designs via Zmags.
  • Custom blog structure.

An extensive use of Metafields, one of BigCommerce's hidden gems, gave us the superpower to dynamically sync data from the product inventory manager directly into item pages, including:

  • PDF downloads.
  • Software and Firmware updates.
  • Multiple custom specs and rich information beyond simple custom fields.
  • "What's in the box" descriptions.
  • And a specific customization for variant structure and related products.

Outstanding Warranty platform.

We developed a custom warranty platform from scratch using CraftCMS. Tightly and seamlessly integrated into BigCommerce and Salsify, the platform works as a global customer center, including a top of the line multi-language integration for English and Japanese-speaking audiences.

By keeping the PIM as the one source of data truth, our API-driven platform allows customers to easily search the products by name or SKU, removing data discrepancies and giving both the client and the company's support teams easy and clear ways to ask for support and warranty when needed. 


Shine a light

Dealing with a catalog that has so many details and information is never easy. The new tech stack allows Sekonic to serve their global audience at all levels, from lifestyle and learning content, to the shopping experience, to the post-sell customer care and success teams.

Our ability to solve unexpected and uncommon challenges helped Sekonic set their digital strategy free from the constraints of an old, legacy platform.

The outcome: A world-class website ecosystem that's ready to light the path to the future. 


  • Website development
  • Theme development
  • Replatform and data migration
  • Customized variants, metafield integration and more
  • Custom Warranty platform and product registration

Tools & Platforms

  • BigCommerce
  • CraftCMS
  • Salsify
  • Zmags
  • Elfsight