Gone bananas

or How we created sixty email templates in sixty days, for twelve-million users.



Mailchimp needs no introduction, right? The Atlanta-based beloved brand has been leading the email marketing industry for twenty years, empowering small and medium businesses to grow and reach new customers with their easy marketing suite.

Hey, it's Neil.

A casual Friday morning call from a US phone. It was Mailchimp's CTO 😱. They had a little fun challenge in mind:

Can you come up with one new email template per day, for the next sixty days?

Try doing anything once a day for sixty days. Not easy.

And yet we managed somehow. The goal was to deliver bulletproof, great-looking, flexible templates that could adapt to the thousands of different businesses among their audience. 

We came up with one creative idea, draft, iteration, coding and testing every day for two months. We worked hand in hand with Mailchimp’s amazing team and the reward was far beyond our wildest expectations.

Our templates featured original artwork, illustration and photograhy. We even dared to deliver a few mobile options — before it was a thing

Check out our favorite set covering Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Pressure & Pure Fun

We hit it out of the park.

For four years, our templates were available for free for 12 million email marketers, who used them year after year to greet their readers on these special dates, on hundreds of million emails full of positive wishes.

We got featured heavily and received amazing praise from customers and experts in every continent.

In time, our very own designs even circled back to our inboxes in some of the publications we’re subscribed to and made us feel quite proud.


  • Customer research
  • Marketing sprints
  • Email template design, coding and testing

Tools & Platforms

  • Mailchimp!