A tale of two migrations

or How we gave Cinetics the million-dollar look and the platform they needed, twice.



Cinetics is an Austin-based industry-pioneering company creating affordable, compact gear for fluid moving video. Their first product, called CineSkates, was born in the MIT Media Lab and launched as a Kickstarter project in 2011, achieving the funding goal in just one day.


Back in 2017 Cinetics was about to achieve one million dollar sales in multiple Kickstarter contests, with a massive spike in demand and popularity. They needed a fast, reliable, good-looking website that required a learning curve as shallow as possible for their busy small team.


We chose to build the website in Lemonstand, a platform known for their outstanding design-first vision and flexibility. They key pillars of the project were:

Dev speed and budget: top priorities

It had to be fast, efficient, elegant, within budget and with little pain and time investment from the customer team. We chose the right platforms and had a thorough initial research and project brief phase. Understanding what the client wanted before starting allowed us to be independent and swift through the building process.

Rich product pages

We wanted to customize the experience making each of their major products (CineSkates, CineMoco, Linx) an enriched landing page. We customized the looks and contents of each through the use of custom fields and dynamic information entry points, including video, infographics, testimonials, different galleries and more.

Homepage Reel

The homepage, navigation and hero section had to immediately communicate the same vibe as the media-rich Kickstarter campaigns. The background video inclusion, as well as the homepage masonry layout delivered a slick experience and look that reflected their brand quality in a much more accurate way.

Seamless experience

Keeping their previous Wordpress blog and Vanilla forum was a project requirement from day one. We created separated themes for each, making sure the navigation experience was integrated as seamlessly as possible.  


There, and back again

The website was a success.

Lemonstand, the eCommerce CMS powering it, was acquired by Intuit Mailchimp just a few years later. We had to replatform the website in as very little time and budget as we could.

We chose BigCommerce for its fast development workflow, ease of use, powerful and flexible structure, and stellar support. 

The record-breaking replatform project was finished in 2.5 weeks.


  • Market and customer research
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Theme development
  • Replatform and data migration
  • Forum and blog customization and integration
  • Email marketing setup, design and strategy

Tools & Platforms

  • Lemonstand
  • BigCommerce
  • Vanilla Forums
  • Wordpress
  • Mailchimp